We currently have a number of Engineered Stone Suppliers which we source our material from. Please see our full list and their links below:

YDL Stone –

Smartstone –

Quantum Quartz –

Talostone –

AC Stone –

Mamo –

Cosentino –

Caesarstone –

Many of our suppliers have colours in different price ranges, so it would be best to send through plans for quoting in the specific range you are after in order to get a price on what you need. These can be found in the links above.

We are not able to provide pricing over the phone at this time. Please email through all enquiries.

If you have a small project like a vanity or laundry benchtop, we may possibly have material readily available. Please contact the office if you would like to view offcuts in order to book an appointment.

We stock small samples for each of the suppliers listed above. In some cases, we have larger offcuts for viewing but colours are limited. Please call our office to double check if we stock the colour you are after.


Warranty for engineered stone generally only covers imperfections in the making of the slabs before we receive them from the suppliers. For further warranty details for each supplier or to apply for warranty, please visit their corresponding websites. Cracks are not covered under warranty, unless it’s a defect with the stone material.

AAA Absolute Stone will provide warranty up to 1yr if there are any complications with joins coming apart. Please be aware that earth/house movements (as well as movements with some appliances like washing machines and dishwashers) can sometimes move the stone benchtops resulting in the joins coming apart, this is sometimes a rare occurrence.

Chips on the stone benchtops can sometimes occur and are not covered under warranty through AAA Absolute Stone or our stone suppliers. We can however repair chips at an extra cost, please contact us for a quote for repair. If we are not able to fit you in, we can provide you with an alternate contact.

Silica Information

Please be informed we take safety precautions regarding silica very seriously. All our team members manufacture with water in order to keep the dust particles to a minimum.

All our team members have been fitted with their own masks to provide extra protection against silica dust. We also have our team members book in annually for lung CT tests in order to monitor their health.

We follow the current guidelines for silica dust exposure so please rest assured we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe.

Customers are not at risk of exposure of silica dust from their benchtops as the risk is mainly during manufacture, when cutting the Engineered stone.

Engineered stone is among just one of the materials containing silica. Other materials containing silica are concrete, glass, sand and dirt, just to name a few.

Engineered stone has been heightened in the media recently but we would like to point out that our Engineered Stone Suppliers are trying to accommodate with low silica material (less than 40% for most – then Cosentino’s Dekton range with 11%) which is significantly less than the original high silica materials.

If you have any further questions regarding the safety with Engineered stone, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 6299 5225, we would be happy to discuss any concerns and provide reassurance.