Step 1 – Quotation

Step 1 – Quotation

To obtain a free quotation please email or hand deliver a drawing of your bench top in plan view (top view). It must include the following:

  • All dimensions (measurements e.g. length, width)
  • The site address for the proposed work
  • Your full name, contact address, contact numbers (home, mobile, work) fax number, and email
  • The stone selection or range (e.g. low, mid, high range)
  • The edge thickness you wish for your bench top to be quoted in (e.g. 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 60mm fascia)
  • If known the edge profile (e.g. pencil edge)
  • Place an (X) as an indication of which edges require polishing (where the edge is not meeting the wall)
  • Location of sinks, basins, hotplates, tap holes, & water purifiers (if known the dimensions of these items)
  • The type of bowl (e.g. drop in, under mount, or semi recessed)
  • Any splash backs or apron fronts/fascias required
  • Any panels/waterfall ends required
  • Any special requests/requirements

Please note: The position of joins are determined in conjunction with the size of the selected slabs and our perception of suitability. If there are any specific requirements, please advise on the plan submitted.

If you are unable to provide us with a plan of your bench top, please contact us and we can make an appointment for you for a site measure and quote free of charge. Please allow a few extra days for your benchtop/project to be quoted when opting for a measure and quote.

Quotations cannot be provided over the phone. We will contact you with the estimated price for the plan and details provided ASAP.