Step 3 – Check measure, templating

Step 3 – Check measure/templating

Once we receive your signed quotation acceptance and deposit we will then book an appointment for your site check measure. Please make sure to have all appliances e.g. sinks, basins, and hotplates on site on the day as the cut outs are done in our factory prior installation to speed up the process and minimize dust on site. Please note: If there are any angles and/or curves in your design your bench top will require templating. Also granite & marble cut outs are done on site as the material becomes more fragile and prone to cracking on transportation once the cut outs are done.

If you are unable to have your appliances on site on the date of your check measure, please drop them off to our factory as soon as possible as they are required before we can book your bench top for installation.

Please note: When you drop off any appliances please label the box with your surname and quote number as this will insure your items are applied to your job and delivered back to you on the day of installation.

You will be contacted approximately 1 week prior your check measure to confirm the following:

  • An approximate time
  • All necessary cabinets are installed
  • All appliances are on site or at our factory (if an under mounted bowl is being used it is required on site for our templater to bring back to our factory)

Please note: It is much appreciated if the work area is free of clutter so our templater is able to work quickly & precisely without disruption.